We. Are. Not. Bad. People.

Let me tell you the truth about PS4EMX, from where I stand in the project. In late 2013, a person named ghaststeam on SourceForge conceived the idea of working on an x86 emulator with PS4 hardware support, and possibly virtualization. The project was in a standstill at one point due to complaints from Sony about legal issues, so ghaststeam dropped out of the project and quit, and the SourceForge project was falsely ramsacked, degraded, and closed. Ghaststeam created a GitHub account and added dummy code to the project to gain interest in the very beginning, until he finally quit after suffering enough from Sony threats. A user named “haagens” who, for all purposes of this argument, used the same IP address as another user, BellySaga, who later put efforts forth in the PS4 emulator. He created various sock puppet accounts, and they’re all the ones listed on emunewz on the “Wall of Shame” post. We just want everyone to know that it’s all a lie, and that user was trying to frame us by associating himself with our project and using false identities. That user seems to have been from the same local area using the Broward County Public Schools IP address, and was desperately targeting and attacking emulator developers, projects, and people. Suspicion tells us that the person is mentally imbalanced or has some personality issues. Anyways, that bad trolling got us a bad name, and many problems hindering our progress in this potential emulator, including legal ones and the personal burden. I, myself, am no way associating with any of the listed IP addresses and live outside of the United States. BellySaga also left the project and now we’re down to roughly 3 people, myself included, but little progress. Sad to say it, but PS4EMX might be nearing its fate due to these legal, personal, and shameful associations and problems we’ve encountered due to one user who ruined it for everyone. The project will remain on GitHub and anyone may fork or work off of its standing point, but I’m afraid I may have no further interest in it if it means I will be associated with the horrible things people have been saying about us and threats we’ve received.


Donate to the PS4EMX project!

Donations only go towards the necessary tools for reverse engineering and legally doing so always. In the time and event that the program is capable of emulating PS4 games and the like, the program will never be charged to you; the program will be 100% freeware for you to use and you’ll never have to pay for it. This is a pledge and honor that the program will be 100% freeware.